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FOAD Pt. 1

Fuck you Chilean Labels,
Fuck you Chilean metalheads into the “viking trend”
Fuck you Chilean Crowd,
Fuck you Chilean Metalheads,
Fuck you Santiago’s Scene,
Fuck you “gig promoters” who just invite to his/her friends into a band,
Fuck you “scene”,
Fuck you cocksuckers of “bigger bands”…

I’ll build my own path on the underground,if it’s necessary, i’ll make no more gigs, no more music under lame label owners who spend all the label money in drugs, specially cocaine, (yes, i hate cocaine addicts ;) ) and milk to drink it in underwears while they’re dreaming about the comeback of the nazis from the moon kinda Iron Sky movie, realize it! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!!, just going independent…and here we’ll see the real people for me, not the “real people” for cocksucking to another bands or a guy who supose to be the owner of a label who never release ur shit because it not sound like another bands of ur country, if it’s necessary i’d go back to play alone my black metal stuffs, i can afford a bass,i can afford the hiring to a session drummer to record songs and i can afford to autoproduce myself ;) so…FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!

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